When Stainless Steel May Be Less Expensive

Many people have the perception that it is always less expensive to put a corrosion-resistant coating on carbon steel versus using stainless steel.  Examples of these coatings would be zinc electroplated coatings, and hot-dip galvanizing. While it is typically less expensive to coat the part, there are exceptions.

Metal plating companies charge a lot fee for smaller parts.  These lot fees are typically $100 to $200 minimum. If one is buying 50 parts, that would be $2 to $4 per part.  If the part is small and lightweight, it may be more cost-effective to produce the part from stainless steel and avoid any coatings. Steel pricing is based primarily upon weight, so the price difference of carbon steel vs. stainless steel for low quantity orders of lightweight parts may be less than the cost of coating the carbon steel.  The stainless steel will also offer better protection.

Keddie Enterprises advises our customers when we see the opportunity to provide lower cost, higher quality corrosion-resistant parts using stainless steel as part of our commitment to giving our customers the best value. Contact us today to request a quote or schedule time to review your project.

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