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Ever get a Visa or Master Card gift card?  The problem with gift cards is that they are for a specific amount.  How often does one buy something that costs exactly that amount?  If one doesn’t use the exact balance, the balance shrinks to zero over time.  Who gets the money from the unused balance?

            This reminds me of the movie “Office Space”.  In this 1999 movie, the main characters, a trio of programmers for company, set up the finance program to deposits the fractions of a cent into their private account.  Over a short period of time, the amount of money amassed is over $100,000. The unpaid balance on these gift cards is likewise amassed by the financial institutions that issue the gift card.

            Think of how many gift cards one has had with an unused balance that disappeared.  Do you want the banks to get that money or would you rather put it to good use?

            Consider donating that unused balance to your favorite charity.  Children’s charities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and Shiner’s hospital for Children accept one-time donations online. (No, one doesn’t need to donate monthly) Check your favorite charities such as for veteran’s, environment, animals, etc. if they may take one-time online donations.  Your donation is also tax deductible with many of these organizations. Please note that the gift card companies may charge a $0.29 processing fee, so please make sure your donation is greater than $0.29. 

Doesn’t this seem like a better use of this money than giving it back to a financial institution?  Please consider it in the future.

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