Machining thick pieces can be costly when using a mill.  When removing large portions of material, the mill must do multiple passes.  This takes time and creates wear on the tools.  Thicker plate can be especially slow and laborious. Consider water jetting to reduce machining costs.

Blanks can be created on the water jet to the approximate size of the finished piece from plate. Using extremely high-pressure water and garnet to make the cut, the water jet reduces the possibility of metal deformation or phase transformation due to heat associated with plasma or laser cutting. The water jet is quicker and more cost effective than machining for large material removal and can create a blank very close to final dimensions in the X and Y axis. 

Keddie Enterprises’ water jet can cut materials up to 2” thick and weighing up to 600 lbs.  Our turnaround time is typically 2 – 4 weeks.  We also offer different cut finishes, from fine to coarse. A coarse finish is typically suitable for parts that will have final machining. The finish affects the water jet time and costs.


Our customers may provide the material, or we can.  We cut the material to the approximate size of the finished part as specified by our cutsomers. This reduces machining costs, time, and wear and tear on tools and equipment.

Consider Keddie Enterprises for water jetting the rough sizing of the part when looking to reduce machining costs on thick parts,.  We also offer machining and sheet metal fabrication services. Our Dallas, Texas facility, located at 4304 Shilling Way, ships parts across the U.S. We may be contacted at sales@Keddieco.com or call us at (214)337-5387.

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