Powder Coating goes Green

Powder coating provides a better protective coating of parts than paints.  The process fuses the powder coating on to the metal, providing a better bond.  The metal must be treated prior to the application of the powder coating in order to provide a better surface adhesion. Pretreatment of the metal surface is critical to a good, durable coating and Plaforization is a better, environmentally friendly pretreatment method than the historical processes.

The most common pretreatment is phosphatizing the metal, in which the part is dipped in a phosphate/water solution, then rinsed to remove the phosphate.  The part then must be dried in order to remove all the water.   A minute water droplet may result in the fish-eyes or bubbles that occur during a powder coat.  The Phosphate solution must be disposed to the environment due to oils and impurities build up.

A process fairly new to the United States is Plaforization.  Plaforization is an organic phosphating technology designed to degrease and phosphate metal surfaces in a simple one-step operation at room temperature. No water is used in this process.  It reduces energy costs and eliminates the effluent problems associated with conventional cleaning and phosphating.  It also reduces CO2 emissions by 90%. The oils on the metal chemically react with the plaforization chemicals to produce a protective layer on the metal. This enable the metal to resist corrosion prior to the powder coating is applied.  The chemical does not need to be replaced, just replenished, eliminating waste to the environment. Keddie Enterprises uses plaforization for its powder coating, providing the customer with an environmentally friendly, better quality coating. To find out more about Plaforization visit https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0026057609800500. Keddie Enterprises’ plaforized powder coating, provides an environmentally friendly, better quality coating.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

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