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Keddie Enterprises

Phone: (214) 337-5387


A division of Annalea Enterprises, Inc.


Phone: (214) 337-5387

Email: Sales@Keddieco.com

Keddie has experience with most materials including carbon steel, stainless, alloys (Hastelloy, Inconel), aluminum, copper, brass, ABS, Delrin, Phenolics, and Lexan.  

Keddie can handle pieces over a wide variety of sizes.  We can have your material plasma, laser or water-cut to your dimensions. We also offer precision MIG and TIG welding.

Our combination of equipment, including CNC’s, enable us to handle runs from prototype to small batches to full production.  Our personnel, many with 30+ years of experience, can address the most challenging of work.

Keddie Enterprises not only makes the parts, we can also install hardware and assemble.

We can offer a multitude of finishes, including powder coating, annodizing, alodine and plating.  And if you need serial numbers on each part, we can handle that as well.