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Keddie Enterprises

Phone: (214) 337-5387


A division of Annalea Enterprises, Inc.


Phone: (214) 337-5387

Email: Sales@Keddieco.com

Established over 25 years ago, Keddie Enterprises has built a reputation for delivering quality fabricated and machined parts to industry.  Our clients include Oil Field, Aviation, Medical and Emergency Response Equipment, Audio Visual and Testing Equipment manufacturers.

Our commitment to quality, service and on-time delivery at competitive prices has enabled us to build a strong base of satisfied customers.  Keddie Enterprises recognizes that our future is dependent upon our customer’s success so we work with our customers on their product-development needs. Our Machinists and Fabricators are long-term employees with Keddie Enterprises  Let us provide the 30+ years of experience of our staff to assist you in finding solutions.  

By NZ-NGJ Noel Jones